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Contact: Rudy Garza (Blue Line Associates)
Telephone: 949-581-0743 FAX: 949-581-6838
Email: Sales & General Information:

Contact: Raina Kezelman (Blue Line Associates)
Telephone: 949-581-0743 FAX: 949-581-6838
Email: Sales & General Information:

Distributors & Representatives : Blueline Associates

Blue Line Associates was formed to offer representation for the state of California. We offer many years of in depth Color Managememtn and electro-Optic applications engineering experience. Our sales engineers all have technical degrees as well as many years of technical sales experience. Our sales philosophy is to ”Solve Problems” for the customer.

If you would like to discuss your applications contact us at the numbers below.

Blue Line Associates Rudy Garza (949) 581 0743

Blue Line Associates Raina Kezelman (949) 581 0743

Background Experience and Expertise
Blue LIne Associates is an independent sales organization specializing in Color Management, Accelerated Environmental Test Instrumentation and Electro-Optic Instruments. Our sales professionals are technically competent in these fields which allow them to help customers implement cost effective solutions. Blue Line Associates has been representing high tech manufactuerers on the west coast since 1990.
Blue Line Associates:

Rudy Garza, (BS Physics) former National Sales Manager, Newport corporation. Specializing in Electro-Optics and Telecommunications. Accomplished in all aspects of capital equipment, component and O.E.M. sales.

Raina Kezelman,(BS Communications) Specializing in Color Management, Fiber Optic Illumination and Environmental test equipment.


Blue Line Specific Areas of Proficiency:
bullet Environmental Test Solutions
bulletColor Management
bulletLasers: All Types, Laser Beam Diagnostics
bullet Color Measurement
bulletRadiometry: UV-IR
bulletIllumination: For Machine Vision, Microscopes, etc.
bullet Sensors: UV-IR
bullet Imaging: Visible - IR
bullet Sources: UV-IR
bullet Motion Control
bullet Interferometry
bullet Optics
bullet Modulation Transfer function
bullet Spectroscopy
bullet Material Test Solutions
bullet Uv-Vis-Nir Spectrometers

We are offering our experience and expertise to select manufacturers whose products are compatible with the companies we represent.  If you feel your products could benefit form the efforts of a group with a consistent history of achievement, please contact Blue Line Associates today at (949) 581-0743.